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August 2009

Respironics has released the new AW2 and AW Spectrum 

Actiwatch 2 - In addition to sleep/wake activity recording, Actiwatch 2 has the ability to record information about the amount and duration of ambient white light illuminance, in units of lux. Actiwatch-2 also features a comfortable design to enhance patient compliance, a large 1 MBit storage capacity, a rechargeable battery, a waterproof casing and the ability to be used with a hospital band. Communication to the Actiwatch-2 is achieved via USB connection to the sleek Actiwatch 2 communications dock. These features, among others are why Respironics’ Actiwatch products make it easier than ever to implement actigraphy.

Actiwatch Spectrum - In addition to sleep/wake activity recording and the updated features included in the Actiwatch-2, Actiwatch Spectrum is equipped with three color light sensors that provide irradiance and luminous flux recordings in three color bands of the visible spectrum: red, green, and blue. Beyond color-light sensing, Actiwatch Spectrum also features a LCD display for time, date and device status indicators as well as off-wrist detection and a one year battery life. These features, among others are why Respironics’ Actiwatch products make it easier than ever to implement actigraphy.

Actiwatch Score – Like all of our Actiwatch devices, the AW-Score actigraph uses actigraphy principles to record activity information and can be used to analyze sleep quality.

In addition to the objective activity data, Actiwatch-Score allows for recording subjective scores for any parameter that can be classified from 0-15 (scale is programmable), providing a strong enhancement to Patient Diaries. The unique combination of activity and scoring provides an excellent way to correlate activity with other subjective data normally collected by a patient diary. It can also be used to document the effectiveness of interventions on conditions of interest. The Actiwatch-Score includes a programmable alarm to prompt the patient to enter a quantifiable score. Alarms can be set to a schedule or to sound at random intervals.

More informatiom can be found at the website http://ribn.respironics.com/ 

May 2009

Firmware upgrade for the CAmNTech AH4 procedure, download latest software from the Camntech site, it holds the latest firmware,

Close all other applications, restart the AH aplication, allow the proces to take at least 5 minutes, if interupted the batery will go flat and a recharge is required

We are building a new website,

the CMS is near completion, domains have been reserved and additional hosting is in place.